Yemen. A woman was killed and 3 civilians, including a child, were injured by Houthi landmines

Today, Sunday, a woman was killed in the Al-Shrija area, north of the Lahj governorate, in southern Yemen, by a landmine planted by Houthi militias.

And local sources reported that Nazira Muqbel Ali Harbi (40) is a resident of thearea of Al-Shuraija in the district of Al-Qubaita; She was killed by the explosion of an anti-personnel mine planted by the Houthi militia during the control of the area.

He added that the victim was leading his sheep to pasture and stepped on the mine; Which caused his death instantly, to follow his brother, who was also killed three years ago, after passing over a mine while riding his motorcycle to go to work.

In addition, three civilians, one of them a child, were injured following the explosion of a Houthi mine in aauto civilian in Wadi Hajar, Al-Dhalea governorate, southern Yemen.

The Yemeni Land Mine Observatory confirmed that three civilians, including a child, were injured yesterday, Saturday, (Nabil Muhammad Al-Rifai, Ahmed Muhammad and his five-year-old son, Abdul Rahman), following the explosion. of a Houthi mine in the a ‘auto civilian in Wadi Hajar, Al-Dhalea governorate.

According to a local source, a mine, left by Houthi militiamen, exploded in aauto carrying five citizens, including children, in the village of Al-Mashareeh, in the Lower Hajar area, in the district of Al-Dhalea.

He explained that the mine injured three of them, including a child, who was seriously injured, andauto it was completely damaged by the mine.

According to the Masam Saudi Demining Project in Yemen and the National Program for Demining, there are nearly two million mines planted by the militias in separate areas, of various sizes and burial places, both on land and sea, and the means to camouflage them.

Mine clearance in Yemen faces several challenges, first of all the absence of maps that identify places in these mines have been planted, which have been scattered in Yemen by the Houthi militias in hysterical way, and the danger of Houthi mines is not limited to the lack of clear maps of the militia’s approach to plant them, but rather in the way in which the Houthis adopt in random and extended to civilian areas, according to the Masam Project.

The militias have also mastered the methods of altering and camouflaging these mines to inflict the greatest number of human casualties, some of which operate from a distance, others camouflaged by the color of the rocks and nature.

A report by the Masam Project had made it clear that the Houthi militias have made Yemen understand the largest “fields of evil” planted in the world and inhabited by the explosive death that has taken place. in various cities of the country.

He claimed that the Houthi mines had killed countless citizens, left hundreds of people with permanent disabilities, amputated the limbs of thousands of victims and left others completely disabled.

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