Yemen.. Agreement on the withdrawal of contribution from the Saudi field

Yemeni Prime Minister Main Abdul Malik confirmed the agreement to withdraw the payment from the Saudi deposit and indicated that it would be formally signed next Sunday.

The Yemeni prime minister also reaffirmed the government’s commitment to protecting oil facilities from terrorist threats from Houthi militias, as he described it.

Abdul Malik added: “The government has many options to deal with the Houthi militia and we continue to defend the rights of the Yemeni people.”

And yesterday, the Central Bank of Yemen in Aden announced a new price for the dollar after the depreciation of the Yemeni rial in the temporary capital of Aden, Yemeni media reported.

The dollar price at the foreign exchange auction was 1,170 rials per dollar, and the highest bid price was 1,182 rials per dollar.

Source: RT