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Yemen calls for an end to Iran’s interference and warns of a Houthi threat to shipping


The Yemeni government asked United Nations Security Council Stopping the blatant Iranian interference and violations and warning of the danger posed by the Houthi militia to international shipping routes in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab, the vital sea route for the global economy.

Yemen’s statement ahead of the Security Council session, which was held yesterday, Wednesday, said that “the intransigence of the Houthi militia would not have continued without Iranian support and guidance, which continued to kill Yemenis to serve. its expansionist program in the region “.

“Independent investigation teams have demonstrated, and prove irrefutable, the Houthi militia’s use of civilian facilities, including Sanaa airport, for military purposes, weapons storage, ballistic missile and drone firing, as well as arms smuggling, “he added.

The statement presented by Yemen’s representative to the Council, Abdullah Al-Saadi, considered the adherence of Houthi militias to the option of war and the repeated attack of civilians and civilian objects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, “an indication that they and the Iranian regime behind them is not serious about engaging in the political process and dialogue, and the pace it was not an option for them. “He indicated that these militias have no other goal than to implement the agenda and dictates of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Lebanese Hezbollah experts.

Al-Saadi renewed the Houthi militia’s danger warning for the safety of international maritime navigation in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait, adding: “The piracy commission by these militias, the latest of which was the kidnapping of the UAE-flagged civilian cargo ship “Rawabi” constituted a dangerous development and proof of the warnings we went to.

He stressed that this act poses a threat to maritime traffic and global trade . urging the Houthi militias to immediately release the ship, its crew and its contents without any conditions or restrictions.

He also called on the international community and the Security Council to take firm positions against these hostile and terrorist practices of those militias that provide clear evidence every day of their aggressive behavior to destabilize security and stability. in this vital region of the world and threaten regional security and the movement of the global economy and the corridors of international trade.

On the situation of the oil tanker Safer, the representative of Yemen renewed the warning of its danger to the environment of the Red Sea and international shipping companies, and said that the Houthi militia continues its intransigence and blackmail towards the international community , ignoring the danger posed by the oil tanker’s situation to Yemen and the region.

He pointed out that “studies have shown that the wind and sea currents during the months in we live in today are the best and could be the only opportunity to intervene and avoid disasters “by inviting the council” to take all necessary measures to stop Houthi intransigence and start taking the necessary measures to assess the situation of the tanker to avoid spills of oil or its explosion. “Before it’s too late”.

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