Yemen commends the King Salman Relief Center’s role in supporting Yemenis

The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Vice President of the Yemeni Supreme Relief Committee, Dr. Muhammad Saeed Al-Zauri, praised the signing of an agreement by the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action to implement the family housing support project to provide housing support for affected displaced families in Yemen, benefiting 104,406 people, with an estimated value of $ 6 million.

The Yemeni minister explained that this project is of great importance to the displaced, especially as it will provide 6,000 shelters and 14,000 shelter bags to help displaced families, and that it will be implemented in 15 governorates.

He enjoyed the role of the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action in the relief of the Yemeni people, underlining that the projects of the center covered most of the humanitarian needs in Yemen, inviting international and international organizations to benefit from the support provided by donors in the implementation of humanitarian programs and projects to obtain the real and realistic impact on the ground Reaffirming the government’s willingness to provide support and assistance to organizations to carry out their humanitarian work in its country.