Yemen condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi civilian objects

Today, Sunday, the Yemeni government condemned the terrorist attacks carried out by the Houthi terrorist militia against civilian targets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and called for a strong international position to stop the escalation of the Iranian-backed militia.

In a press release, the Yemeni Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the attack by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia with a series of terrorist attacks on the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the latest of which was the launch of three missiles. ballistic and three explosives -drons trapped towards the eastern region and the cities of Jizan and Najran.

He stressed that “those repeated and systematic terrorist attacks targeting safe civilians and civilian objects clearly reflect the uncompromising behavior of this group and its insistence on destabilizing regional security and stability.”

The Yemeni foreign ministry stressed that these attacks “constitute a flagrant violation of the rules of international and humanitarian law, which requires a strong international position to stop the dangerous escalation of these militias and hold them accountable”.

He also stressed: “This dangerous escalation, in addition to its continued aggression and violation of the rights of the Yemeni people, its insistence on continuing the war, its rejection of all initiatives of pace and its threat to the safety of international navigation in the Red Sea is nothing more than a reflection of the dependence of its political decision in favor of the Iranian agenda. “

The statement underlined the firm position of the Republic of Yemen and its support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its full solidarity with it and its support. in all measures and measures it takes to address these cowardly terrorist acts, protect its lands, citizens and residents and preserve their security and stability.

The Saudi Defense Ministry announced, in earlier, at dawn on Sunday, the interception of 3 ballistic missiles launched by the Houthi militias towards the Kingdom, confirming that two children were injured and 14 homes were damaged following the interception of ballistic missiles and Marce Houthi.

The Saudi Defense Ministry’s official spokesman, Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, said the Saudi air defenses intercepted and destroyed 3 ballistic missiles and 3 explosive drones launched by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia towards the eastern region, Jizan. and Najran.

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