Yemen… Houthi terrorism on the cover of student curricula

Yemeni Information Minister, Muammar Al-Eryani, accused the Houthi coup militia of practicing what he described as “dangerous tampering” with school curricula and transforming classrooms. in traps to distort the minds of children and lure and recruit them into the battle fronts.

Al-Eryani considered, in tweets on his Twitter page Wednesday evening, the dangerous tampering with school curriculums as an extension of the Houthi militia’s approach from its anti-state coup to employing the educational process in the conflict, and transform classrooms and classrooms in traps to distort the minds of children, luring and recruiting them on the battle fronts and transforming them in tools to kill Yemenis and spread chaos and terrorism in the region.

He pointed out that the Iranian-backed Houthi militia continued to tamper with educational curricula for various levels of education, pointing to its efforts to falsify the awareness of generations. future and mobilize them with sectarian ideas alien to Yemen and its society.

The Yemeni Information Minister stressed that this “is a serious threat to pace civil and social fabric, and undermines the opportunities for dialogue and the establishment of pace and of coexistence among the Yemenis “.

Al-Eryani was surprised by the continued silence of the international community and his approval of these dangerous practices, which he said “threaten to blow up in air the present and the future of Yemen and undermine any opportunity for peaceful solutions to the crisis “.

He was also surprised to ignore the recruitment of children by the Houthi militia, which threatens to create a generation of terrorists and transform them. in a time bomb that threatens the pace and regional and international security.

The Yemeni Minister of Information has released new images from the national book on education for the third media, on which an image of a prominent Houthi leader who was killed in previous battles was printed, as part of the Houthi militia’s continuation to demolish education and spread his terrorism through distorted curricula.

According to tweets from Houthi accounts, this leader is named Hassan al-Malasi, and he was killed in the war the Houthi militia unleashed after the coup against legitimate authority in late 2014.

The photos also show two people next to him carrying shoulder guided missiles, inciting fight and terrorism, which will result in in disasters for society.

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