Yemen . legitimate forces advance in Marib and fighting with Houthi militias intensifies

The Coalition to Support Legittimacy in Yemen has announced the implementation of 44 targets against militias in Marib, Al-Bayda and Taiz in the past 24 hours. He added that the target of Ma’rib, al-Bayda and Taiz destroyed 29 military vehicles and killed more than 190 members.

Today, Thursday, clashes between legitimate forces and the Houthi militia are intensifying in more than one axis in the southern governorate of Marib.

Sources in the field revealed new progress made by the Giant forces today in the Abdiya district, south of Marib, where the clashes are 9 kilometers from the center of the Abdiya district.

Sources claim that the forces of the Giant’s Brigades have taken control of thearea of Al-Hamran and Isolat Al-Sufi in Al-Abdiyyah district, after putting in security the Al-Jufra district, and are continuing to advance towards the center of the district in amid rapids collapses in the ranks of the militias.

In Al-Juba, the army and resistance forces launched an attack on the strategic camp of Umm Rish on one side, and Aqaba Malla ‘on the other, with the aim of reaching the line connecting Al-Juba and Harib .

Military sources said that artillery shelling by the armed forces in the past few hours resulted in the killing and wounding of 18 Houthis as they targeted a vehicle and two military crews under the Mala’a obstacle on the northern side.

Simultaneously, the fighters of the Coalition to Support Legittimacy in Yemen launched several raids on militia reinforcements in Juba and Abdiya and destroyed a number of military crews as well as militia fortifications in Aqabat Mala’a.