Yemen .. Monitoring and documentation (3609) of violations and (5151) victims

Yesterday, the tenth report of the National Committee to Investigate Alleged Human Rights Violations, in the provisional capital, Aden, revealed that it had monitored and documented 3609 incidents of violations suffered by victims of all sides, without exception, in all governorates, spread over (30) types of violations in the period from July 1, 2021 AD to July 31, 2022 AD, indicating that the total number of victims who fell as a result of these violations amounted to (5151) victims.

The National Committee further clarified that its teams, during the monitoring, documentation and investigation processes, have heard (9897) witnesses and reported victims, examined (9379) documents and examined hundreds of photos and video clips … documenting (905) ) homicides and injuries to civilians, in of which (1293) victims were killed 432 civilians, including 72 children and 32 women, were injured, while a total of 861 civilians were injured, including 194 children and 105 women, and 171 cases of planting individual mines, resulting in in 62 dead, including 8 children and two women, as well as 176 injured, including 39 children and 6 women, stressed that the Houthi group is only in this kind of violations.

The committee’s report recommended that the international community step up diplomatic efforts to achieve a global ceasefire in preparation to establish a pace enduring based on respect for human rights, the active participation of women, young people and minorities and increasing the level of funding for emergency humanitarian response plans, humanitarian aid, projects and grants provided to the state, as well as increasing the level of support provided by the Council for the human rights of the National Investigative Committee in the areas of technical and technical support and advice to ensure that it performs its duties to the fullest.