Yemen More than 500 civilians kidnapped in 2021

In its recently released annual report, the Association of Mothers of Yemeni Abductees tracked the exposure of more than 500 civilians in Yemen to kidnapping and arrest in the year 2021.

The association’s sixth annual report, entitled “Mothers at the Gates of Justice 3”, included statistics on violations of abductees, detainees and forcibly disappeared. in Yemen in the year 2021.

He claims to have monitored three cases of assaults on the right to life, “two cases” within the prisons of the Houthi group, one of which was liquidated with a shot, the other for medical negligence, and “one case ”for medical negligence in the Aden Transitional Council Seat Belt Forces prisons.

According to the report, “586” civilians were kidnapped and arrested in the same year, of which “422” were kidnapped by the Houthi militia, including a woman and “13” children, and “109” civilians were arrested by military formations. Transitional Council and “48” civilians were arrested. Legitimate government security services, including a woman, and “7” were arrested by joint forces on the west coast.

The report also tracked two mass kidnapping campaigns conducted by the Houthi militia in the areas stormed in 2021, one of which was in Marib Governorate – Al Abdiya District and the other in Taiz Governorate – Al Haima District. .

The report indicated that “134” civilians had been forcibly disappeared from all sides of the violation in Yemen, of which “62” civilians had been forcibly disappeared by the Houthi group, “59” had been forcibly disappeared from the Transitional Council security belt forces, and “8” were missing from legitimate government-affiliated security services in the cities of Ma’rib and Taiz, and “5” from the Joint Resistance Forces on the west coast.

He added: In the torture statistics, “490” cases were subjected to torture, including “367” cases of torture in the hands of the Houthi group, “98” cases in the Transitional Council’s security belt forces and “25” cases. in the legitimate government security services in the year 2021

The report mentioned a statistic of “689” cases of maltreatment and medical negligence, including “601” cases with the Houthi group.

The association’s report included many different facts of all the violations against abductees, detainees, forcibly disappeared and their families from all sides of the violation.

The Association of Mothers of Abductees in its report made a number of recommendations, both to the United Nations and to the countries that sponsor the pace in Yemen, to the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to Yemen, and to the Yemeni government, the Houthi and the Transitional Council, asking them to release all abductees and detainees and to reveal the fate of the missing by force and pressure on the signatories of the agreement on the exchange of prisoners, detainees, missing persons, detainees, forcibly missing persons and those under house arrest in Stockholm to implement it in comprehensively and on a humanitarian basis without procrastination.

He also called for the prison authorities to be obliged to allow victims of the rights guaranteed to them by the constitution and humanitarian law.

The recommendations stressed the need to separate the file of kidnapped civilians from the file of fighting prisoners and insisted on the immediate release of abducted women as a humanitarian obligation, calling for the strengthening of women’s participation in the process of paceas their efforts are in first floor in many humanitarian and human rights files.

The recommendations stressed the need to include families of abductees and missing persons in vulnerable cases, provide for their needs within relief programs, and compensate victims of torture and released persons with fair compensation.

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