Yemeni Army: 75% of Houthi capacity destroyed on Marib fronts

The official spokesman for the Yemeni Army, Brigadier General Abdo Majali, announced today, Saturday, that it would join the National Army with the support of the Coalition Aviation in in the last few days had succeeded in destroying 75% of the combat capabilities of the Iranian army supported Houthi militias, die mobilized them in Ma’rib governorate.

Brigadier General Majali confirmed in a press conference that die Armed forces die Take control of the ground by freeing important places, die Supply routes for die Cut off militias and face all infiltrations and enemy attacks on the various battle fronts in Marib and Al-Jawf notes that die Army forces continued on the fronts of Marib Governorate defensive and offensive Perform operations. Suffered by tactical methods and methods die Houthi elements cause severe loss of life and equipment.

He added that die Coalition to Support Legitimacy aircraft “have carried out many sorties and air strikes, die with successful attacks dozens of vehicles, armored vehicles, crews, vehicles, tanks and reinforcements of the Houthi coup militia on the fronts of Al. destroyed -Mushajah, Al-Kasara, Jabal Murad and Sarwah. “

He pointed out that the National Army’s air defense had succeeded in Jabal Murad and another plane on the outskirts of the town of Marib shoot down an explosive drone, die should target civilians and civilian objects.

In Al-Jawf Governorate, the Yemeni army spokesman reported that progress and gains were being made locally on the Khanjar Front and that several places were through die die Militia supply routes interrupted and die The locations at which they were stationed were controlled by engineering teams from the National Army in the Khub Al-Sha’af district, north of Al-Jawf. Dismantling of 300 different mines, including individual mines, vehicle mines and explosive devices, die from the Houthi militia in Placed on the corridors and public roads and valleys, killing citizens and restricting their freedom of movement.

Majali stressed that die Houthi militias continue their criminal acts of terrorism and target civilians, civilian objects and displaced persons in attack the city of Marib and the surrounding villages and camps with ballistic missiles and drones.

He sketched die recent attacks on die City of Marib, which killed dozen of civilians, including children and women, found to be convicted acts, die Constituted war crimes and did not become statute-barred.

He added: “Houthi militias continue to use artillery and rocket bombing on civilians and civilian objects in Hodeidah governorate in the districts of Al-Durayhimi, Hais and Al-Tahita. They continue to plant land mines in die Roads and drinking water points. “, die Killed hundreds of residents of Al-Hodeidah governorate. “

He pointed out that die Houthi militias have laid sea mines along the Hodeidah governorate coastline to harm citizens, fishermen and threaten the sea route for international trade as thousands of land and sea mines have been dug by specialist engineering teams.

The Yemeni army spokesman warned of a great danger die emanates from the Houthi militias, die by die continued recruitment of children in represent the governorates they control when they set up summer centers to attract thousands of students, in Centers to attract children and send them to the crematoriums of death and destruction on the front lines.

He demanded die Citizen in Areas under the control of the Houthi militia to take their responsibility, their children not in to send these summer centers and battle fronts. He repeated the call die international community, die United Nations and human rights organizations, die Reclassification of the Houthi militia as a terrorist organization to their leaders international and to prosecute them locally and condemn their acts of terrorism.

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