Yemeni army: 89 Houthi violations of the armistice in one day

The Yemeni army announced on Tuesday evening that it had monitored 89 violations of the UN armistice committed by the Iranian Houthi militia, on all fronts of the fighting.

A statement released by the center media of the Yemeni army says the monitored violations (Monday) were distributed between 26 violations on the Al-Barah axes west of Taiz and Hais south of Al-Hodeidah, 23 violations on the Hajjah Governorate fronts, 15 violations in the north- west, west and south of Marib and 14 violations in the Taiz axis, 10 violations on the Al-Jawf fronts and one on the Al-Malahiz front, southwest of Saada.

The statement explained that the violations ranged between infiltration attempts by Houthi armed groups to sites in the al-Ayrif front south of Marib, two infiltration attempts to military sites west of Hajjah, and an infiltration attempt south of Al -Jarrahi in Hodeidah, all this was opposed by the army.

He pointed out that the Houthi militia continued to fire at the positions of the forces on all fronts with artillery and with different calibers, and also continued to create sites and fortifications and deploy mortars on various fronts.

In addition, a civilian was wounded Tuesday by a Houthi sniper bullet in eastern Taiz city.

Local sources reported that Mazen Al-Mufti, 25, from the Sharaf area of ​​the Salh district, was shot by a Houthi sniper stationed on “Al-Silal” hill overlooking large areas. east of the city, and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

This happens just hours after 60-year-old woman, Zafaran Hizam, was wounded by a sniper bullet from the Houthi terrorist militia while herding sheep in the Al-Bararah neighborhood in northwest Taiz.

In conjunction with the entrance in force of the announced truce, the Houthi militia has intensified its sniper activities against civilians in the city of Taiz.

It has also deployed new snipers in the stitching areas, limiting the movement of the population, as residents demand an end to the Houthi crimes. in course and the end of the siege imposed on the city for 8 years.

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