Yemeni army ambush kills 40 Houthis south of Marib

Today, Thursday, the Yemeni army and popular resistance ambushed the Houthi militia near Al-Juba south of Marib.

The center media army confirmed that the ambush resulted in the death and injury of about 40 Houthis.

The center media of the Yemeni army has also published a video clip of the battles that the armed forces are waging against the coup militias on the fronts south of Marib.

In this context, the aircraft of the Coalition to Support Legittimacy in Yemen destroyed a weapons depot and a BMB vehicle on the Harib front.

attack since February

Interestingly, the Houthi militia has been under siege for weeks Abdiya area Yesterday, Wednesday, his only hospital was bombed south of Marib, causing dozens of civilian casualties.

Since last February, the Houthis have launched an attack on the Governorate of Marib, in an attempt to control it without success, amid international warnings about the effects and risks of these attacks on thousands of displaced persons.

The United Nations has repeatedly warned of threats to the governorate’s camps for displaced persons, which amount to 139 camps, which are home to about 2.2 million displaced persons.

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