Yemeni Defense Minister: We are addressing Persian expansion plans with the coalition

The Yemeni government, in A meeting held Wednesday in the temporary capital, Aden, assessed the military support and support provided by the Saudi-led coalition to support the Yemeni people in the existential and fatal battle against Iran’s bloody and subversive project, which aims at security and stability of Yemen and the region and threatens international navigation in the Red Sea and the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.

He praised the victories achieved by the joint forces on the fronts south of Hodeidah and west of Taiz against the Houthi militia, the latest of which was the liberation of the entire district of Hays and areas in the districts of Jabal Ras and Al- Jarrahi, in in addition to sites in the Maqbna district, west of Taiz.

In a statement released by the meeting, the Council stressed that these victories are a translation of the calls to unify the national ranks and direct the battle against the enemy of the Yemenis and all Arabs, represented by the Houthi militias, noting the steadfastness of the armed forces. the armed forces, popular resistance, tribal members and the Yemeni people in breaking all Houthi suicide attempts in Marib, Al Dhale’e and others from the fronts.

The Yemeni cabinet examined a report from the defense minister on the conditions of the camp in front line against the Houthi militias, indicating the great support of the brothers in the coalition to support the legitimacy led by Saudi Arabia, to support the fighting fronts and high morale of the army, members of the tribes, the popular resistance and the Yemeni people in carrying out the battle of Yemen and the Arabs. Fatal against the Houthi militia and the bloody project of Iran in Yemen.

Yemeni Defense Minister: We are facing Persian plans

The Yemeni Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Muhammad al-Maqdashi, said that the armed forces and popular resistance, with the support of the Coalition in support of Saudi-led legitimacy, “represent the Arab project today in the face of expansion plans. Persians and employment ambitions, “stressing that” the Arab nation is waging a new battle for Qadisiyah on the land of Yemen “.

This happened during his visit, with Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani, today, Wednesday, in front line of the army and popular resistance in the Seventh Military Region, to see the progress of combat operations against the Houthi militias.

Yemeni Defense Minister: We are addressing Persian expansion plans with the coalition
Al-Maqdashi and Iranians inspect army front lines and popular resistance in the 7th military region

Al-Maqdashi stressed that “the Yemeni people and the Arab nation are counting on the army and the resistance to free Sanaa and all Yemeni soil from Iranian evils”, underlining his confidence “in achieving victory and the collapse of the Persian project” , and that “free men, with their sincerity, firmness and patience, are in able to change the equations and impose national options and fulfill the aspirations of the Yemenis to restore their rights, freedoms, independence of their land and build their desired future.

Both Al-Maqdashi and Al-Eryani praised “the efforts and positions of the brothers in the coalition to support the Kingdom-led legitimacy of Saudi Arabia, their permanent support for military operations and their fraternal support for the Yemeni people and the government. to restore their state, security and sovereignty, cut Iranian arms chasing Yemen’s security and face ambitions to impose hegemony on the region and threaten vital global interests. “

Al-Maqdashi inspects the front lines of the army and popular resistance in the 7th military region

For his part, the Yemeni Information Minister stressed that the Houthi terrorist militia “is only a cheap tool to implement the plans of their masters in Tehran and in the southern suburbs” of Beirut, in reference to Hezbollah.

He added: “The battle we are waging today is one of the most sacred and noble battles in the history of Yemen, and it is not a battle of tribe, governorate, party or faction, but the battle of all Yemenis and all Arabs. “, inviting all parties, components, political and national leaders and professionals of the media “to appreciate the sacrifices of the fighters on the field and join forces”. And join the ranks in this fateful battle “.

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