Yemeni Foreign Ministry: Houthi escalation undermines all hopes for peace

Today, Friday, the Yemeni State Department said it had responded to the new US administration’s peace efforts from the very first momentThere was no response from the Houthi militia It did the opposite.

The Yemeni Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement that the Houthi militia had coincided with calls for peace to open new fronts and escalated its military aggression against civilians in Marib, Taiz and Hodeidah.

She said the Houthi militia fired 25 ballistic missiles at the city of Marib in February alone, causing hundreds of deaths, including women and children.

She pointed out that the Houthi militia had committed a horrific crime that did not dry up the blood of their victims and pointed to the Holocaust that burned more than 170 Ethiopian immigrants who refused to follow the militia’s instructions To obey Mobilize them on the front lines in Marib and until this moment prevent specialized international organizations from reaching the scene.

The statement reiterated that the Houthi militia is trying to hide its aggressive behavior by fabricating an oil derivatives crisis and misleading the international community by claiming that a blockade has been imposed while sharing statistics with the relevant authorities who expose the falseness of these allegations by monitoring the amount of fuel that entered and was confiscated from the Houthi areas. He accepted the Houthi militia as smuggled quantities to prevent them from reaching citizens and selling on the black market at double prices.

She noted that the team of experts for Yemen in its 2020 report confirms that “the Houthi oil company has unjustified oil rationing, although the amounts distributed in the country have been distributed annually,” and the Houthis’ goal behind it is their financial Maximizing profits and profits by creating a humanitarian crisis and revitalizing the black market is indifferent to the lives of Yemenis and their suffering.

She stated that the Houthi militia had violated the agreement sponsored by the United Nations through its office in Yemen to transfer the proceeds from oil shipments across the port of Hodeidah to the central bank in the governorate to pay the salaries of the employees, which suggesting that the Houthi group violated the agreement and looted an estimated 50 billion Yemenis four months ago.

The Yemeni State Department urged the international community and global media to be aware that this military escalation by the Houthi group is at a time of peace and a return to dialogue, especially after the arrival of the new American administration, What is required is a complete elimination of the political trail and an end to the efforts of longstanding consultations and political efforts by the international community and undermining any hope or future for peace in Yemen.

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