Yemeni government: Iran’s weapons in our country are a threat to the neighborhood

Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik stressed that Iranian weapons in Yemen in the hands of the Houthis pose a threat to both neighboring countries and international shipping.

He said in an interview with Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath today, Sunday, that Iran wants to control Marib to control the whole country.

He also made it clear that the restoration of the Shabwa, Al-Bayda and Al-Dhalea axes supports the Marib front. He added that Iran supplies quality weapons to the Houthi militia in its frontal battles against the legitimate army.

fundamental change

Furthermore, it confirmed the existence of a fundamental change in the landscape of military operations on various fronts against the militias.

On the progress of the Sharia forces in Shabwa in recent days, the Prime Minister explained that these steps represent what the Riyadh Agreement sought to join forces to confront the Houthi militias.

He stressed that the Yemenis are tired of the differences that delay the completion of the liberation of the country from the Houthis.

He also made it clear that the Riyadh agreement is a rare opportunity for reform in all fields and to join ranks.

It is interesting to note that the forces of the Yemeni army have made progress in recent days on the Shabwa, Al-Bayda and Al-Dhalea fronts, to defend the Governorate of Marib, which has been the subject of a Houthi campaign for months.

Since last February (2021), Iranian-backed militias have launched a campaign against the oil-rich province to control it, regardless of the presence of millions of displaced civilians in refugee camps, despite international appeals and the United Nations repeatedly warning of dangers that threaten their fate, following the attacks.Houthis.

However, he has not yet managed to control that province, in amid fierce fighting by the army and the tribe.

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