Yemeni Government to Continue Prisoner Exchange with Al-Houthi Until All Prisons are Emptied

The delegation of the legitimate Yemeni government in the negotiations for the exchange of prisoners and detainees announced the completion of the agreements to implement the exchange process agreed with the Houthis at the specified time on Thursday.

Majed Fadael, a member of the government delegation, said in an interview with Al-Hadath TV that everyone is ready to implement the agreed exchange process, indicating that this exchange process will soon be followed by other exchanges until all the detainees and abductees are released and released “on the basis of all “. In exchange for everyone, and whistling all the detention centers and prisons.”

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The spokesman for the Yemeni government’s delegation for prisoners and detainees told Al-Hadath TV that arrangements have been finalized to complete the prisoner exchange process with the Houthis this week.

The spokesman also said the first batch of the swap would include 72 prisoners, adding that more than 1,400 civilians are still being held in Houthi militia jails.

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