Yemeni president: the Riyadh agreement must be implemented today, before tomorrow

Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi said the Riyadh Agreement formed a roadmap to join ranks and should be today before tomorrow, and he considered it an important indicator bringing everyone together on one level to address the danger that everyone runs, in reference to the Iranian-backed Houthi coup.

This is what emerged in a speech delivered by the Yemeni president on Saturday evening on the eve of the celebrations of the Yemeni people for the 59th anniversary of the September 26 revolution.

He reiterated the swift completion of the implementation of all provisions of the Riyadh Agreement (signed between the government and the Southern Transitional Council under the auspices of Saudi Arabia), which ensures that efforts are directed towards the Houthi resistance and the ‘fulfillment of its duties by the government towards the Yemeni people, providing services to the population and mitigating the consequences of economic decline.

Hadi stressed that the malice displayed by the Iranian Houthi militia should push towards unity and cohesion and forget the differences, stressing that the return of this evil dynastic gang has revealed to the whole world its catastrophe and the danger and threat it represents. for the Yemeni people, the region, the world and the pace and international security.

He said: “The Houthi militias have been fully exposed to the entire Yemeni people, north and south. They have been exposed as a purely Iranian tool that has made the homeland a hostage to Iranian expansionist policies and a place to convey the hateful experience. Iranian, which the Yemeni people reject, and has been exposed to power as an armed group that wants to impose itself with arms instead of freedom, democracy and peaceful exchange “.

The Yemeni president called on the entire population of the country to stand on the side of the state and support its efforts to normalize the situation and support the efforts of the government and local authorities.

He also called on the international and regional community to support the Yemeni government politically and economically so that it can carry out its tasks in order to relieve the Yemeni citizen of the great burdens he has become due to the tampering of these hateful militias, as he said.

The Yemeni president extended his sincere thanks to the brothers in the coalition in support of the legitimacy led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led by the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, their rational government and the dear people of the Kingdom for the support provided to the Yemeni people in their decisive battle.

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