Yemen’s human rights ministry, the Houthi militia, uses the judiciary for political purposes

The so-called Specialized Criminal Court of First Instance, which is under the control of the Houthi terrorist militia in Sana’a, handed down a death sentence against 6 residents of Al-Mahweet Governorate because they opposed their sectarian ideas and terrorist practices. The Houthi coup militia continues its violations and criminal practices against the Yemeni people, using the judiciary for political purposes.

Yemeni sources indicated that the six civilians who had been issued execution orders had been subjected to enforced disappearances and brutal torture for nearly six consecutive years.

In a statement, Yemen’s Ministry of Human Rights viewed these trials as slapstick skits aimed at spreading terror and intimidation and silenced mouths in the areas it controls.

On the other hand, a government report released by Human Rights in Al-Jawf Governorate revealed that 3,495 cases of human rights violations committed by Houthi terrorist militias have been recorded in all districts of the governorate during the past year 2022.

These violations were distributed among (17) cases of direct killing, (34) cases of killing by landmines, (5) cases of direct injury, (67) cases of injury by landmines, in addition to (30) cases of kidnapping, (1300 ) cases of forced displacement and (45) cases of forced displacement One case of psychological harm to relatives and families of landmine victims.

The report also examined Houthi violations affecting public and private property, in notably the looting by militias of (4) government facilities in thearea of Al-Yatemah of Love district and Al-Shaghaf after they took control of it, while the militia mines caused the destruction of about 73 vehicles and the derivatives crisis caused by the militia damaged 25 farms in governorship level.