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Yemen’s Presidential Council Urges Global Intervention to Halt Al-Houthi’s Trade Disruptions

On Sunday, Yemen’s Presidential Governing Council called on the international community to put pressure on the Houthi terrorist militia to stop its escalation on the ground and the threat to global trade and international waterways.

This came out in the words of Council member Sultan Al-Arada, during his meeting with UK Ambassador to Yemen, Richard Oppenheim, where they discussed the latest political, economic, military and humanitarian developments and the continued escalation military militia on various fronts and the launch of repeated attacks on vital economic structures and their repercussions on the national economy. And the humanitarian situation and the process of paceaccording to the official Yemeni news agency.

Al-Arada stressed the need to “take firm positions against the squandering of opportunities by the Houthi militia to achieve pace in Yemen”.

The member of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council reiterated “the adhesion of the political leadership to the option of pacedespite the behavior of the Houthi terrorist militia, which refuses the pace”.

And he underlined the need for “the international community to have a clear and firm position on this militia and to condemn its repeated attacks on economic structures”.

He also highlighted the “international community’s pressure on the Iranian regime to stop its blatant interference in Yemeni affairs and to stop supporting the Houthi militia and funding its terrorist activities aimed at destabilizing security and stability in Yemen and the region.”

For his part, British Ambassador Richard Oppenheim said that “his country continues to support the Yemeni government, condemn terrorist acts and work to support and improve security and stability in Yemen,” according to the official agency.


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