Yes, the Recon Expert is in the Fortnite Item Shop today

So, interesting news for the Fortnite community today, as one of the rarest skins in the game is back in the ItemShop There is a little confusion around the skin. When it first went live in the store, it seemed a mistake, as it was removed just a couple of minutes later on. the skin is now back and is available for purchase for 1200 V-Bucks, and it even marked by a banner which checks out “It’s back”.

After just checking the shop again, we can confirm that the skin is live, today, and can be bought, however why is everybody so delighted? To put it merely, it has actually been a very long time considering that the Recon Expert was available in theshop The skin in fact precedes the enormous success that Fortnite has actually delighted in, and numerous players have actually never ever had the chance to get their hands on it. Due To The Fact That the skin hasn’t been available for so long, just a small portion of the active player base has it.

Is the Recon Expert worth the 1200 V-Bucks that it costs? That is completely up to you. The skin is old and is a piece of Fortnite’s history, however when you compared it to some of the more current skins, it does not appear like a great offer. One of the factors the skin was so valuable is an easy fact that people didn’t have it. Rocking the Recon Expert skin in a match was an immediate way to let people know that you have actually been around for a very long time, however that effect no longer matters due to the fact that you might have just purchased the skin today.

Either way, if you want the skin, it is there for you and available to purchase, as the skin is not without its beauty.

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