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You have to delete it now Watch out for these three messages in “Whatsapp”


The popular WhatsApp application is a prime target for hackers and scammers, so discovering the warning signs of dangerous messages can help you stay safe from any potential dangers.

In this regard, Brian Higgins, specialist in security at Comparitech Technology, said the scam messages often come from unknown numbers and usually come in the form of official messages claiming to provide technical support for a fake issue or messages claiming that the user has won an award, according to as reported by the British newspaper “The Sun”.

So be careful to open these three messages as soon as they arrive on WhatsApp, and they are the following:

1- Eliminate messages from unknown contacts trying to push you to interact, especially if they use poor language or bad grammar, as they are usually translated from other languages ​​into your native language via Google Translator.

The same goes for messages from known contacts but they look different than usual.

free gifts

2- Never interact with unsolicited offers such as freebies or discounts, even if they appear to come from a reputable brand, especially if they ask you to provide personal data.

malicious links

3- Avoid replying to messages with clickable links that you did not expect to receive.

To check the link, you can type it in manually in another browser. Attackers can use special characters in the message to hide a malicious link that at first glance appears to be a familiar or reputable site.

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