You will surely like it.. 7 advantages that you may not know about WhatsApp

Almost everyone agrees that WhatsApp has become indispensable in our daily lives. It is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, with over two billion users.

And the company ‘Meta’ which owns ‘Facebook’ is constantly introducing updates to the application which offer attractive features for the users to make the user experience more enjoyable.

And as reported by the British newspaper “The Sun”, in “WhatsApp” there are a number of hidden features that can make the application easier to use, including:

1-“Ultra Stealth Mode”

There are a number of little tricks that can be used to avoid letting the message sender know that you have seen their message. One of these simple methods is to press and hold the message when it appears on the screen of the locked iPhone. This displays a preview of the full text in so you can read it without having to open the message in the app.

2- Restore your conversations

Users may want to recover their chats just in case in which have been deleted by mistake and possibly lost forever. WhatsApp has a feature that can send conversations directly to an email address.

This can be done by opening the chat you want to save, then clicking Options > More, then Email Chat. Up to 40,000 messages can be sent simultaneously, with or without media files.

3- Submit your location

You can let a friend know exactly where you are and have them track your phone’s location via the app. This can be useful, for example, if you are in late for an appointment or meeting.

Users can choose from three monitoring periods: 15 minutes, one hour or eight hours. To do this depends on the system you are using.

On iOS: Tap a chat, tap the + button in bottom left, tap Location followed by Share location live and select the duration.

And on Android: click on the chat, then on the paperclip image on the right, then click on “Location” followed by “Share location live” and select the duration.

4- Send a photo or video that will disappear

You can send a photo or video that will disappear after viewing it once, in similar way to how Snapchat works.

This can be useful if you want to send sensitive information or privatealthough note that the recipient can still take a screenshot.

To activate this function in iOS: Open the conversation, tap the + icon, select the photo or video, tap the “1” to the right of the blue send arrow, then send.

On Android: Open the conversation, tap the paper clip icon, select a photo or video, tap the “1” next to the blue send arrow, and send.

5- Record voice messages without using your hands

While most people know that you can send voice messages through the app to your contacts, many may not know that a message can be recorded hands-free. To do this, press and hold the microphone icon, then swipe up to reveal the “padlock,” which lets you record without keeping your hand on the microphone. Once your message is complete, just hit send.

6- Make key friends and group chats

For those who often leave messages unanswered or take a long time to reply, WhatsApp has a feature that could be very helpful. Users can pin certain conversations at the top of the app, meaning they’ll be the first to see new and unread messages. To activate the function:

On iOS: Swipe left to right and tap Block chat.

On Android: Long press a chat and tap the pin at the top of the screen.

7- Require Face ID or Touch ID to open the app

Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available to iOS users, but it adds an extra layer of security for anyone who wants to keep their messages away from prying eyes. Once the feature is activated, you will need Face ID or Touch ID to be able to access messages even on an already unlocked phone.

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