You won’t believe what Disney did to this sci-fi series starring two Hollywood icons!

Alien vs Predator Animated Mini-Series: Will It Ever See the Light of Day?

Animated Blood

Between comics, video games or movies, the crossover between Alien and Predator is known to all and even, on can admit, quite cult. Bringing these two mythical monsters of the cinema together was a real good idea, giving rise to a whole exclusive lore and obvious potential.

Only here, the films are what they are in the cinematographic landscape, some will admit that there was undoubtedly better to do. It is obviously with this in mind that 20th Century Fox decided to produce an Alien VS Predator animated mini-series, based on the 2004 film. The problem, is that Disney has meanwhile bought Fox and is obviously not decided to release the project.

Maybe Someday

He’s the former licensing director of 20th Century Fox, Joshua Izzo, who revealed the pot of roses during an interview with Comic Book Movies:

It’s probably the worst to hear when on is a fan: the series in question, completely new, is already ready for use and could be broadcast if Disney had decided. Instead, the firm of Mickey is for the moment the language of wood.

Note that the director is none other than Shinji Aramaki, the man behind Blade Runner Black Lotus. “It’s been 7 years since I did this project and unfortunately I don’t know why it never came out”, he admits on Twitter. Maybe theon will be entitled to a broadcast one day, on Disney Plus, for example.