You won’t believe what happens when an artist combines Wes Anderson’s style with Lord of the Rings

What would Lord of the Rings look like if Wes Anderson directed it?

Bill Murray, as Gandalf, are you excited? Anyway, it’s the actor that Wes Anderson would choose according to artificial intelligence…

Wes Anderson’s take on Lord of the Rings

It’s a recent fashion on social networks: use artificial intelligence to create fake trailers. So you can include certain actors in films in which they have never played, or discover what such a film would look like if it were directed by such a director etc… Of course, it works even better if the director in question has a very defined and recognizable style. One could, for example, imagine what would give their saga Harry Potter if it was directed by Tim Burton what would look like the Marvel Cinematic Universe if it was Stanley Kubrick was in charge, or else … what would give The Lord of the Rings if the trilogy had been directed by Wes Anderson!

Middle-earth, all dressed in pastels

The current trend is to test various sagas with the paw of Wes Anderson. He is the ideal candidate; son style is recognizable among all. And precisely, the YouTuber Curious Shelter (on already introduced you son Star Wars trailer directed by Wes Anderson) has just released this video in which one discovers a fake trailer to promote The Lord of the Rings seen by the director of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Baptized The Whimsical Fellowship (literally “The Fantastical Community”, highlighting the singularity of this association of characters who share few points common), the trailer reuses well the characteristics of Anderson’s cinema: pastel colors, altered perspectives, plans symmetrical, elaborate decorations, elements that come out of the ordinary of the universe presented, etc… We also find his characters frozen like puppets. Moreover about them, the cast is also very “Andersonian”.

The “Andersonian” cast of Lord of the Rings

Indeed, the video presents a casting comprising several actors and actresses that have already been able to see several times in the films of Wes Anderson. It is, for example, Bill Murray who plays the role of Gandalf. Tilda Swinton interpreter Galadriel, Edward Norton cheek Aragorn, Léa Seydoux East Arwen. Adrian Brody And Bilbo interpret Legolas has the features of Bob Balaban. Jeff Goldblum (quite unrecognizable in this trailer, it must be recognized) plays the role of Elrond. Ben Stiller interpreter BoromirWhen son friend and Anderson’s friend – present in many of his films – Owen Wilson brings to the screen the vile Sauron. An idea of ​​this trailer that I love is Willem Dafoe in the role of GollumThat on would have liked to see it! For their part, they played “only” in the film The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson and are therefore less recurring actors in the director’s films, but on also find Timothée Chalamet, Benicio Del Toro and Christophe Waltzin the roles respectively of the hero Frodo, Gimli, and Saruman. There is no doubt that Curious Refuge and this artificial intelligence have ideas in mind.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will be released in a few days, an action-adventure game on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, and Xbox One. It will be released later on Switch.

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