You won’t make a difference… a robot that looks like a human in incredible fit!

Just hours after a British lab unveiled one of the most human robots, “Amika”, i social media have become in excitement for the news.

Perhaps the great similarity between the robot and the human being is surprisingly strange, and the information has also revealed that it is characterized by a surprising ability to make movements and facial expressions realistic, according to the British “Daily Mail”.

British firm Engineered Arts, which bills itself as “the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of human entertainment robots,” explained the device via YouTube.

Realistic and amazing

While many viewers expressed amazement at how realistic and robot-like they are, one comment said, “I know we should be afraid of AI, but this is the first humanoid robot that doesn’t scare me … It’s so cool.”

Another comment claimed that the device derives its lifelike shape from the eyes, which make it appear alive, mostly because they display rapid movement, focus, blinking, and attention that they seem to be giving to anything that catches their attention.

In the video, the robot appears to move his shoulder before opening his eyes and expressing a rather convincing look of shock or surprise, even blinking several times and curiously noticing his robotic arm.

The video ends with the Amika robot reaching out and admiring its combination of limbs, mechanical belts, actuators and sensor arrays.

Next challenge

On the other hand, the robot is one of the pioneers in its realistic form and is at the forefront of its field in terms of facial expressions, but the next challenge remains to allow these robots to roam.

Engineered Arts said there is still a long way to go to achieve the robot’s roaming goal in natural way, but added that the face is on an “artificial human-like body” and features a “robust Tritium robot operating system”.

Previous version

Interestingly, the discovery of the Amica robot came in the wake of the development of the Sophia robot, which first appeared in 2016, which is a head super-intelligent man-like with a realistic face who can look side to side and talk, which went down in history in October 2017 when he became a legal Saudi citizen.

In addition, the company pointed out that AMICA was specifically designed as a platform for the development of future robotics technologies, which is the ideal robotic platform for human-robot interaction, explaining that the goal is to provide innovative, reliable, upgradeable and easy to develop technologies.

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