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Your messages on WhatsApp are not safe. Here’s how to protect them


WhatsApp is the most active and popular messaging application in the world, but the most important question remains: is this application completely secure? Cyber ​​security experts have advised users of the instant messaging application to consider turning on a feature within the application that preserves their privacy, called “temporary messages”.

Automatic deletion

The Temporary Messages feature can allow you to set and specify a time period to automatically delete all new messages, which is a clever trick to improve your privacy by shredding old WhatsApp messages.

You can set not to display messages, in so that the feature automatically activates for all new chats, without affecting existing conversations, and the times can be set for 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.

How do you keep your WhatsApp data safe?

There is an obvious caveat that your data, including chats and voice calls, are only protected and encrypted within the WhatsApp chat system.

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Both Android and iPhone devices can backup app data which is useful in case in you need to restore your data to a new device.

Backups are not encrypted

But by default, this backup is not encrypted and if your iCloud or Google Drive backup is hacked, your WhatsApp data is at risk.

However, there is a solution, you can encrypt your backups even if this option is disabled by default, to keep your WhatsApp data completely safe, you need to enable encryption for your WhatsApp backups.

Activate the function

To activate this feature on iPhone, you need to click on Settings in bottom right, and on Android, click the three-dot menu in top right and choose Settings in the drop-down menu.

Then tap Chat, then choose Chat Backup, tap End-to-Encrypt Backup and tap Play.

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