Yours auto is electricity really green?

A’auto electric is less complicated than an internal combustion engine in terms of number of moving parts inside. L’auto electric has only 20 parts, while the other has more than 2,000 parts.

L’auto Electric mainly contains the battery system, in addition to the electric motor, as well as the brakes, which partially charge the battery during braking.

But this simplicity translates in greater environmental cleanliness? L’auto electric does not emit emissions while driving, in Firstly, it does not contain exhaust gases, but its production and charging with electricity may not be as green as some expect.

According to one studio Chinese, the production of auto electricity produces more carbon dioxide emissions than the production of auto conventional gasoline, by 60%.

The main reason for this is the battery for auto electric, since the battery during its production is responsible for approximately 33% of the total carbon dioxide emissions from the production of auto electric.

The battery needs materials extracted, extracted and melted with non-environmentally friendly methods, in mines away from car factories, and has to be shipped thousands of miles to be transformed in batteries.

The most important of these materials are lithium in Chile, cobalt in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and nickel in Indonesia, where the extraction of one ton of lithium produces between 5 and 15 tons of carbon dioxide.

This, according to the Financial Times, is equivalent to consuming up to two homes for a year in the United States.

These emissions all come before a ‘auto electric is driven for a kilometer, but even after you start driving it, it doesn’t end there.

The extent of emissions from driving an electric vehicle depends on the source of electricity used to charge it. Charging the battery with electricity produced from coal is equivalent to two thirds of the petrol tank of a ‘auto conventional.

Another factor, which is that theauto electric is significantly heavier than a ‘auto conventional, and the reason is once again the battery, which weighs between 300 kilograms and 600 kilograms, which is equivalent to the weight of a small auto traditional.

In order for theauto electricity becomes truly green, the world must produce it using fewer metals, lighter batteries and charge it with clean electricity.

Until these conditions are met in future, there is still a long and bumpy road to go for theauto you become truly green.

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