YouTube co-founder gives the thumbs-down to hide the “dislike” count

Jawed Karim has joined the choir of criticism against the YouTube platform he helped create, blowing up the company’s “stupid idea” of block users from down-voting videos.

Karim made his feelings for the controversial move known by adding a comment in the description of the first video never uploaded to youtube that originally posted in April 2005. “When every YouTuber agrees that removing Dislikes is a stupid idea, it probably is,” YouTube co-founder said. “Try again, Youtube. “

YouTube hides the counter

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The excavation was accompanied by a facepalm emoji. It came after the platform last week said it would begin hiding the thumbs-down to count on all videos by public view, citing unfair “I don’t like attacks” intended to harass creators. Critics blamed the company of trying to hide myself public dissent, in particular on post like the deeply unpopular videos uploaded by the White House.

Karim’s reaction was an ironic twist, not just coming from one of the company creators, but also be written on a historical video that marked YouTube public debut. his 18-second video titled “Me at the zoo” was seen more of 202 million times.

Born in East Germany software the engineer reportedly raised about $ 65 million for his mail in the video sharing site when Google bought YouTube in 2006. Karim was just 26 at the time and went away on make investments in initial phase in companies like Airbnb and Reddit.

This is not the first once Karim expressed his disappointment with the direction of YouTube presenting a criticism in the description of his zoo video. He did just That in November 2013, after Google announced that YouTube users would do need to use a Google+ account for post comments on videos.


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“Why the fuck do I do this? need a Google+ account for comment on a video?” Karim said in that moment. “I can not comment more here since I don’t want a Google+ account. “

The requirement was largely unpopular, in part because Google required users to attach their own real names to have a Google+ account. The company then argued down from decision and wound up closure down Google+ for consumer use in 2019.

It is not clear if YouTube will support his decision on ‘I do not like’ matters, as the statistics apparently have been restored to some videos they had been from removed. Eg, one of the most hated videos of the platform – “Rewind YouTube 2018”, which was posted from YouTube itself in December 2018 – is again enduring his bad relationship of three million likes and 19 million dislikes. The trailer for Disney’s new documentary about the White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci was also revealed that he is 26 inches-up and 1,400 negative votes.

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