YouTube hides the “I don’t like” counter

YouTube officially has hidden the thumbs-down counter on all videos by public view, citing “dislike attacks” which were said to be targeted small channels. Critics say that official The White House channel will benefit the most.

“We’re making the dislike count private on YouTube, but the Dislike button doesn’t disappear. This change will be start gradually rolling out today,” the platform owned by Google announced on Wednesday.

THE creator they will still be able to see the number of Dislikes in the back-end, if they choose to do so.

Officially, the move is meant to counter “I don’t like attacks” And “help better protect ours creators from harassment “. Matt Koval, YouTube creator link, said that people engaged in such coordinated attacks were doing this “Because they don’t like the creator or what are they for. “

“It’s much less likely that cause stress and embarrassment if the count is not visible to the public” Koval said.

According to YouTube, tale behavior “unfairly” targeted “smaller creators and those just to begin,” which was confirmed by an internal experiment they conducted in July.

Since the change has been tested in March, critics they indicated out which is main the beneficiary would not be the small channels, but the White House, whose 1.9 million-subscriber official the channel has been consistently subjected to a dislike relationship ever since start of the Biden administration.

YouTube removing 'I don't like' would be play in the hands of the progressive inquisition woke up trying to radically transform American company

TO KNOW MORE: YouTube removing “I don’t like” would be play in the hands of the progressive inquisition woke up trying to radically transform American company

Another beneficiary could be YouTube itself, as their 2018 Rewind was the most obnoxious video ever. The proposal to remove the dislike counter was first floated soon in following, in February 2019. Koval denied that this was the case, although he acknowledged that YouTube has since given up on the annual Rewind series.

“It’s about protecting everyone creators and do sure they have a chance to be successful and feel safe in in this way,” he said, pointing out That “other platforms don’t even have a dislike button.”

It’s hard to say how well his explanation was received, like the dislike counter on the video was hidden.

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