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YouTuber Ludwig is Offering Bidets for Sale

Popular YouTube streamer Ludwig announces that he is now carrying a line of high-end bidets in one of the strangest acts of brand promotion.


After a year of secret design, popular YouTube streamer Ludwig has announced the launch of his line of bidets. Amouranth, a Twitch streamer, recently invested $8 million in a gas station and a car wash, so side businesses for streamers are nothing new. However, Ludwig’s entry into the personal cleaning industry is one of the most unexpected projects.

Ludwig Ahgren, a handler who streams. An American streamer and content creator named Ludwig first gained notoriety on Twitch by playing games like Super Smash Bros. Melee and the Mario Party series. In 2021, Ludwig quit Twitch to start streaming exclusively on YouTube. The switch in platforms, though, doesn’t seem to have impacted his rising notoriety much. In addition to winning Streamer of the Year at The Streamer Awards, Ludwig recently broke Ninja’s previous record for the most subscribers on a solo Twitch channel.

Ludwig announced on his Twitter account that he has been manufacturing his bidet covertly for the past year and will soon make it available for purchase. The humorously named Swipe bidet, which Ludwig refers to as “the greatest bidet ever crafted by man,” is currently available for sale on the company’s website. If the new product line is profitable, the streamer might be able to use the money to repair some of the damage that was allegedly done to his home during the SWAT team raid after Ludwig. His family had been the targets of swatting by unknown parties.

Due to the toilet paper shortages brought on by the global pandemic, bidets are now a common sight in many homes. However, it is still a very unusual move for a well-known YouTube streamer and content creator to enter the personal hygiene product market. Twitter users’ reactions to Ludwig’s announcement ranged from amusement to confusion, and some passionately posted screenshots of their order confirmations. Ludwig’s Swipe line of bidets offers a $50 add-on nozzle for existing toilets or a $500 full-seat replacement option with remote control and deodorizer for gamers looking for the ultimate bathroom luxury.


Keeping focused on Ludwig’s line of bidets may appear to be an odd business choice. But it provides a good illustration of the various creative ways streamers are trying to maintain their living standards after putting down the camera. Ludwig won’t likely be the last content producer to come up with an unexpected new way to keep the lights on as the debate over Twitch’s new revenue split for streamers helps reduce the profits for streamers at every level of success on the platform, rages on.


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