Yulia Kovalevskaya Explores the Deferred Life Syndrome in Interview with Moscow Region News Agency: Insights from a Psychologist and Coach

Yulia Kovalevskaya: Expert on the “Deferred Life” Syndrome

Yulia Kovalevskaya, a renowned psychologist, coach, and author of personal development programs for business professionals, recently discussed the concept of the “deferred life” syndrome in an interview with the Moscow Region News Agency.

The Syndrome Defined

According to Kovalevskaya, the “deferred life” syndrome is characterized by a constant mindset of “I will start to really live but later.” She explains that individuals afflicted with this syndrome believe that they need certain things, like losing weight, gaining knowledge, having more time, or making significant life changes, before they can truly start living.

The Endless Pursuit

Kovalevskaya notes that those experiencing this syndrome fail to enjoy life and often believe that the best stage of their lives is yet to come. She describes it as an endless game of “catch-up,” where individuals are always waiting for the right moment to truly start living happily and joyfully.

Breaking Free

Often, people are unable to break free from this mindset due to fear or other reasons. Psychologist Olga Korobenikova stresses the importance of dealing with past issues and problems in order to attain a successful future in an interview with Channel 5. She emphasizes that it is crucial to address present situations that stem from the past in order to move forward.


Yulia Kovalevskaya’s explanation of the “deferred life” syndrome sheds light on the typical tendency for people to put off happiness and fulfillment in the hope of a better future. However, it is essential to recognize and address any underlying issues in order to break free from this cycle and truly embrace the present. (Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda)

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