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Zack Snyder Congratulates Henry Cavill On Superman Return

Director of the Justice League Zack Snyder is happy that Henry Cavill is back as Superman in the DC Universe after his big cameo in Black Adam.

Zack Snyder congratulates Henry Cavill on his return to the DCU after he played Superman in a cameo in Black Adam. The DCU called the DCEU until October 2022, will be 10 years old in 2023. The first movie in the franchise, Man of Steel, came out in 2013. Man of Steel, directed by Snyder and lead role Cavill as Superman, was the first important step in Warner Bros.’s attempt to make a superhero movie universe like the MCU.

Then, Cavill and Snyder would work together on Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. The original cut of Justice League will be shown on HBO Max in 2021. But since Joss Whedon’s controversial decision to cut Justice League in 2017, the DCU has been going through the motions as the studio tries to figure out how to continue its superhero franchise. Snyder has moved on to work on his own projects for Netflix, but Cavill finally returned as Superman in Black Adam, where he had a small role that set up bigger things.

Zack Snyder Congratulates Henry Cavill On Superman Return

After playing Black Adam, Cavill recently went to a live recording of Josh Horowitz’s Happy, Sad, Confused podcast (via @MoviesThatMaher), where he talked about many things, including his return as Superman. Snyder sent a special video message for the Q&A session of the podcast, in which he asked Cavill a question about filming Man of Steel. Snyder added a lovely message for the actor at the end of his message:

“I can’t wait to work with you in the future, and you are, of course, the greatest Superman ever.”

Will Zack Snyder Ever Return To The DCU?

Black Adam was the first step in Cavill’s next chapter as Superman in the DCU, but many people are probably more interested in knowing if Snyder will ever return to the franchise. Even though Snyder and the studio had many problems, most of the old management is gone now that the Warner Bros. Discovery merger is over and CEO David Zaslav is in charge. If DC Studios, which will be run by James Gunn and Peter Safran, wants to continue Snyder’s story in future DCU movies, it’s more likely to happen now than when Walter Hamada and his team were still in charge of DC Films. Cavill’s return certainly puts a spotlight on this possibility.

Zack Snyder Congratulates Henry Cavill On Superman Return

It’s important to remember that even if Snyder and DC Studios want to work together again, the director will be busy for at least another year or two with other projects. Right now, Snyder is working on Rebel Moon for Netflix. Netflix has already given the go-ahead for Rebel Moon Part 2, which he is also working on. Snyder’s sequel to Army of the Dead, Planet of the Dead, is coming soon on Netflix. This means he won’t be back in the DCU for a few years. But if everyone is willing to make it happen, Snyder could go back to the DCU and maybe work with his favorite Superman again as Cavill makes his comeback.


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