Zakharova: The West transformed Ukraine in a laboratory for modern weapons

While Western countries, led by the US, continue to provide military support to Ukrainian forces in order to repel Russian forces, the Russian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that the West is testing modern weapons on Ukrainian soil.

“The West has transformed the Ukrainian territory in a laboratory for modern weapons, “ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a press conference on Thursday.

He also called on Western countries to influence Kiev to abandon the adventure of using the dirty bomb.

Furthermore, he felt that the West is trying to raise funds to support Ukraine through the confiscation of Russian assets frozen abroad.

Nuclear blackmail

Regarding the possibility of a nuclear confrontation, he accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of trying to start a nuclear confrontation in the world.

He believed that Kiev could use nuclear blackmail to get more and more financial and military aid from the West.

“Washington Orders”

For its part, the Kremlin has accused the Ukrainian authorities of withdrawing from the talks pace last March “on the orders” of Washington.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today, Thursday, that “the text of the agreement between the two countries was ready, but the Ukrainian side suddenly disappeared, only to announce in following that he no longer wanted to continue the negotiations “.

He also added that Russian President Vladimir Putin at the time believed that “this rejection of the deal clearly came from Washington’s orders.”

It is interesting to note that the military operation launched by Moscow on Ukrainian territory has reached its eighth month, with no signs of a solution appearing on the horizon, on the contrary.

The military escalation has resumed, especially in the south and east of Ukraine, between the two sides.

Meanwhile, Western countries have stepped up their military support for Kiev, having imposed and still impose thousands of sanctions on Russia, which have affected various sectors, and frozen millions of Russian assets abroad.

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