Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Fans Are Convinced They’re Already Engaged After Seeing His New Tattoo!

Zayn Malik has a new tattoo and fans have a theory about what it implies! As you might understand, the former One Instructions vocalist has actually a poem tattooed on his arm and people believe it implies he and his pregnant supermodel sweetheart, Gigi Hadid, are engaged already!

While the pregnancy has actually already been validated, the world is yet to hear any official words about a prospective engagement.

Additionally, Gigi has actually not been seen rocking anything looking like an engagement ring either!

Nevertheless, fans of the couple believe they have actually determined the reality that he may have already popped the big concern!

The reports were already walking around however all of it intensified as soon as jewelry expert George Khalife posted a breeze of Zayn’s arm on his IG Stories.

While the photo was mean to show off the wicked eye bracelet the vocalist had on at the time, social media users concentrated on something else that might likewise be seen– his new tattoo!

Zayn’s new tattoo is Kahlil Gibran’s poem “On Love And Marriage”

— Zayn Malik Updates & & More (@ZMDailyNews) May 2, 2020

It looks like a long quote however some have actually equated it and concluded it is Kahlil Gibran’s poem ‘On Love And Marriage.’

Some fans fasted to likewise explain that it is a poem generally check out at wedding events.

It checks out: ‘Sing and dance and be joyous together, but let each of you be alone. Give your hearts, but not to each other’ s keeping. Stand together, yet not too near. For the pillars of the temple differ and oak tree and cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.’

Then, another expected hint appeared when George likewise shared a second photo on his IG account that included Zayn and Gigi holding hands while both of them were using matching wicked eye bracelets!


Here are a few of the responses to the post: ‘Zayn and Gigi got matching bracelets.’/ ‘Zayn has a new tattoo, Khalil Gibran’ s poem “On Love And Marriage.” Y’ all they’re marrying my ZiGi heart is so delighted.’/ ‘Feel like Zayn and Gigi are secretly engaged already.’

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