Zelensky: Russia is blocking our ports and these are our conditions for negotiation

As fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces continued for the third consecutive month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky felt that “the war began 8 years ago”, referring to the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014.

He also pointed out in an interview with Al-Arabiya, broadcast on Monday evening, that Ukrainian forces are not launching an attack on Russian territory, but rather the opposite.

Close all doors

He stressed that the Russians have closed all ports in the country and besieged the sea canals.

They have also stifled all trade channels, which could lead to a global food and economic crisis, adding that the Arab peoples realize and feel it too.

He stressed that Russia threatens global food security, considering that the Arab peoples are the hardest hit by this.

Furthermore, he said: “Satellite images show that Russian ships are besieging Ukrainian ports,” noting that there are only Russian-flagged ships in the Black Sea.

Terms of negotiation

Furthermore, the Ukrainian president warned of the possibility of a third world war. He said the war is currently confined to Ukrainian territory, but it could expand.

As for the negotiations between Kiev and Moscow, he held the Russian side responsible for hindering them, in especially President Vladimir Putin, saying: “When the Kremlin master is ready to meet us, we are ready”.

He also held that Russia adheres to the neutral status of his country, while Kiev adheres to the independence of all its lands, including the Donbass region and Crimea, stressing that “those axes or conditions are essential in the negotiations and can be resolved. only through a meeting of the two presidents, especially that the Russian delegation The negotiator does not have the power to make such decisions: according to him.

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Furthermore, he stressed that solving these problems is necessary and important for his country.

Asked about his previous position in on the possibility of considering the issue of Ukraine’s neutrality and non-membership of NATO, Zelensky stressed that his country has always been neutral, outside blocs and alliances, stating that it was Russia that proposed this problem and insisted on during previous trading rounds.

However, she reiterated that Kiev is ready to consider this issue, in exchange of obtaining security guarantees from specific countries to protect it and prevent any future Russian attack on its territory.

It is noteworthy that since last February the two sides have held different round negotiation, directly or via The internet, but none of them have yielded any results so far.

Recent military developments on the ground have hindered and sometimes interrupted these rounds of negotiations, especially after the accelerated operations in Mariupol and in the east of the country.

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