Zelensky: Russia is preparing new attacks on power plants in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Sunday that Russia is preparing to launch new attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, noting that Moscow suffers heavy losses in its “ferocious” attacks in course in the eastern Donetsk region.

He also added in his video night speech: “The fierce Russian attacks on the Donetsk region are continuing. The enemy is taking heavy casualties there.”

He went on to say that he believed that Russia was “mobilizing forces and resources for a possible campaign of further attacks on infrastructure and mainly energy plants”.

Furthermore, the Ukrainian president said that the Iranian regime is helping Russia to prolong the war in his country, pointing out that were it not for Tehran’s arms supply to Moscow, the via of the pace it would have been closer.

Iranian drones

Zelensky said Russia used Iranian drones again today, pointing out that Moscow needs Iranian missiles in one moment in which is mobilizing its forces and resources to launch new attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, in particular to energy structures.

He explained that if Iran did not send weapons to Russia, “we would be closer to pace now, which means getting closer to a complete solution to the food crisis and achieving stability in the energy market “.

Punishment of Tehran

Zelensky indicated that he discussed today with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen about increasing pressure on the Iranian regime, stressing the need to punish Tehran for its involvement in the Russian war against Ukraine.

Earlier today, the president of the European Commission said she discussed with Zelensky ways to address what she described as Iran’s “negative” role in supporting Moscow in its war against Ukraine.

The commission said in a statement that the two sides also discussed, during a telephone conversation, the tightening of sanctions against Russia, which has launched a military operation since the end of February in Ukraine.

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