Zelensky: Russian bombing of Kiev was intended to humiliate the United Nations

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Thursday that the Russian attack that targeted Kiev during the visit of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to the Ukrainian capital was intended to “humiliate the United Nations”.

Zelensky claimed in a video clip via Telegram that “this question speaks volumes about Russia’s actual position vis-à-vis international institutions, the efforts of Russian leaders to humiliate the United Nations and everything the organization stands for,” as he said.


For his part, a UN spokesman announced that Guterres and his team were “shocked” by the proximity of the Russian attack that targeted the center of Kiev during their visit to the Ukrainian capital, stressing that they are all ” Well”. “.

“It is a war zone, but it is shocking that it happened near us,” Saviano Abreu, spokesman for the UN humanitarian office, told AFP, without specifying how close they were to the apartment building hit by the bombing.

3 injured

Interestingly, at least 3 people were injured in a missile attack on Kiev Thursday night, while Guterres was in visit, in the first attacks of this type since mid-April, according to the mayor of the capital.

The fire engulfed a floor in one of the capital’s buildings and windows were destroyed, while large numbers of security and ambulance personnel spread to the place, according to the AFP.

The mayor of the Ukrainian capital, Vitali Klitschko, said that Russian forces “bombed Kiev in evening. Two attacks on the Shevchenkovsky district, on the lower floors of a residential building “, noting that” 3 people were brought in hospital so far. “

‘explosions over his head’

For his part, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba noted on Twitter that the capital has been targeted with long-range missiles, adding: “Russia is once again showing its stance on Ukraine, Europe and Europe. world”.

In turn, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov commented on the attack via Twitter, saying it was an “attack on the security of the (UN) Secretary General and global security”.

One of the advisors of the Ukrainian president, Mikhailo Podolyak, wrote on Twitter: “Missile attack on the center of Kiev during the official visit of Antonio Guterres”. “Yesterday he was sitting behind a long table in the Kremlin and today it blasts over his head,” he added.

“Violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine”

Interestingly, Guterres met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Tuesday.

Wednesday arrived in Ukraine, where he visited on Thursday, in notably Bucha and Erbin near Kiev, after witnessing the abuses attributed by the Ukrainians to the Russian army.

He also met with the Ukrainian president, considering the Russian military operation in Ukraine is a “violation of its territorial integrity and the UN Charter”.

Support with weapons and equipment

It is interesting to note that since last February 24 the Russian military operation on the territory of Ukraine has been condemned, while Western countries have sided strongly with Kiev, supporting it with weapons, equipment and humanitarian aid also to face the Russians.

While the West, led by America, has imposed painful sanctions on the Kremlin, hitting various sectors, companies and banks, as well as Russian politicians and wealthy people close to Putin.

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