Zelensky suspends the activity of Ukrainian parties linked to Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has ordered the suspension of the activities of 11 political parties linked to Russia.

The largest of these parties is the Opposition Platform for Life, which holds 44 out of 450 seats in the Verkhovna Rada. This party is led by Victor Medvedchuk, who has friendly relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is also the “godfather” of his daughter.

In the list of parties whose activities have been suspended there is also the “Nashi” party led by Yevni Murayev. It is noteworthy that before the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the British authorities had warned that Russia wanted to install Murrayev as the leader of Ukraine.

“Due to the large-scale war launched by the Russian Federation and the links between it and some political structures, the activities of numerous political parties were suspended during the period of martial law,” Zelensky said. in a video message early Sunday. .

The Ukrainian president also considered that “the activities of politicians aimed at sedition and cooperation” with Russia “will not be successful”.

In another context, Zelensky said the siege of the coastal city of Mariupol will be recorded in history due to what he called “war crimes committed by Russian forces”, adding that “what the occupiers have done to this peaceful city ​​is the terrorism that will remain in the memory for centuries “.

For her part, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olga Stevanishina said on Sunday that the humanitarian situation in Ukraine is deteriorating.

He added that he called on all UN agencies during a UN briefing to “work firmly and in close cooperation with the Ukrainian government to save people’s lives, health and critical infrastructure “.

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