Zelensky: The battle for Donbass continues

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said: “Your country will continue to develop the nuclear triad and maintain its combat readiness, because the nuclear shield was and still is the main guarantor of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state,” emphasizing that the Russian armed forces will develop an arsenal of weapons offensive in the next future. In a related context, Shoigu indicated that plans for training and supplying equipment for the Russian Armed Forces should be developed based on the experiences gained in Syria and Ukraine. Shoigu considered that the Russian president has identified a number of priority tasks for the Ministry of Defense, the most important of which is the adoption of comprehensive measures to raise the level of the Russian armed forces and increase their combat capabilities, stressing that the Russian forces have to constantly analyze and organize the experience of their groups in Ukraine and Syria and develop personnel training programs and plans, and plans To supply military equipment on the base, the experience gained by our troops should become the basis for improving combat training. On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said: The situation in the city of Solidar, which is the subject of intense fighting in the Donetsk region in the east of the country, is still very tense, after previous reports of continued strong Russian attacks against the main city which is still controlled by Kiev forces. “It’s very difficult. There are almost no intact walls left there,” Zelensky added. “The resistance of Ukrainian soldiers in Solidar buys time for the entire army and the battle for Donbass continues.” Zelensky: The battle for Donbass continues.