Zelensky: “There is no other choice” than to send heavy tanks in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believed on Friday that “there is no other option” but for Western countries to send heavy tanks to his country, after no decision was handed down from a meeting of Kiev’s allies in Ramstein. in Germany. modern tanks, and every day we confirm more and more clearly that there is no other solution than to make a decision on tanks.”

“Our partners have a principled position, they will support Ukraine as long as it takes for our victory,” he added.

During a meeting at the American base in Ramstein in Germany, on Friday, the western allies did not reach an agreement to deliver the heavy tanks to Kiev, due to a lack of approval from Berlin.

Zelensky on Friday praised this meeting, referring to the “hundreds of combat vehicles that have been added to Ukraine’s arsenal”, also speaking of “significant achievements related to missiles and air defense systems”.

Experts believe modern Western-designed heavy tanks will give Kiev a decisive edge in the looming battles in eastern Ukraine, where Russia has resumed the offensive after suffering major setbacks this winter.

Interestingly, representatives of fifty countries attended this meeting with the aim of coordinating military assistance to Ukraine in the face of Moscow.