Zelensky: We haven’t received enough weapons to break the siege of Maripol

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that, despite his country’s demands, Ukraine has not received the amount of weapons needed to break the siege of Mariupol and liberate the city.

Zelensky noted that the defenders continue to hold out at the Azovstal plant.

He stressed that Kiev is using all possible diplomatic means to save them, but that Russia does not allow any of the proposed options.

He concluded by saying that Ukrainian towns and cities were exposed to 2,250 missiles during the two and a half months of the Russian military operation. in Ukraine.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian president has renewed his determination to achieve victory by joining international efforts in support of Ukraine.

Additionally, a U.S. Department of Defense official described the battles between Russian and Ukrainian forces as turning in an artillery battle between the two sides and that Moscow is adding a new number of fighting forces in Ukraine.

He explained that Russia now has 99 combat battalions in Ukraine and maintains enormous strength in able to use them.

The official pointed out that Russian forces are still slow in advancing into the Donbass region, revealing that the “S-300” systems that Ukraine has received from Slovakia are working well and are preventing Russian forces from controlling the airspace.

A path that prolongs the war

The battles in course in the south and east of Ukraine are taking an increasing path, the most dangerous of which will prolong the conflict and war.

In Odessa, overlooking the Black Sea, a barrage of missiles was hit and the Ukrainian army documented the fall of seven of them and the wounding of a civilian facility, causing deaths and injuries among civilians.

The Ukrainian military has accused Russia of targeting the port of Odessa to stop the export of agricultural products, a major producer of corn and wheat, while Kiev and allies are trying to open ports or provide alternative ways to export grain, wheat and sorghum.

Russia also stepped up its air and artillery attacks on the Azovstal factory in the devastated city of Mariupol.

In this regard, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk said that more than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers, including hundreds of wounded, are still inside the Azovstal plant in southern Mariupol.

For its part, the Ukrainian General Staff has revealed indications on Russia’s readiness to launch operations offensive in the Donbass areas in the east of the country e in others around it.

“Violent battles are in course around Robyzhny and Belogorivka, in the Lugansk region, and there are reports of victims, “said Sergei Gaidai, governor of the Lugansk region.

On the other hand, Western countries are observing what they consider to be violations of Russia in Ukraine and undertake to hold the perpetrators accountable. According to the head of the UN mission, there is documentation of unjustified killings in areas that were under the control of Russian forces.

300 civilians, including women and children, were killed in Bucha

Matilda Bogner, head of the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine confirmed it had reports of the killing of 300 civilians, including women and children, in Bucha and in other areas north of Kiev controlled by Russian forces, and the number could increase as research increases.

In a situation reflecting Germany’s growing involvement in the war, the German mission to NATO reported that the German military had deployed a German-Dutch Joint Air and Missile Defense Force Patriot system. in Slovakia to protect the eastern flank of the alliance.

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