Zelensky: We want to end the war immediately

As his country counterattacks Russian forces in the south and east, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stressed the need to end the war in his speech to the Group of Twenty summit today Tuesday.

Speaking to the audience via video, he said: “Now is the time to end the destructive war waged by Russia and save thousands of lives,” stressing that the international community can achieve this.

Fight longer

He also added: “We want to end the war immediately in compliance with the UN Charter and international law. “At the same time, he proposed a comprehensive exchange of all prisoners between Kiev and Moscow.

However, he stressed that “the liberation of Ukrainian lands requires longer fighting”, stressing that Kiev does not intend to sign an agreement of pace with Moscow or similar to the “Minsk Agreement”, in reference to the international agreements previously concluded between the two sides to stop the war in “Donbass” eastern Ukraine, years ago.

He called for pressure on Moscow to immediately withdraw from all of his country’s territory.

No to nuclear blackmail

Furthermore, he stressed his country’s rejection of what he called Russian nuclear blackmail, considering there is no excuse to justify it.

As for the agreement on the Black Sea, concluded months ago under the aegis of the United Nations and Turkey, in order to allow the export of grain from Ukrainian ports in the south of the country, he asked for the need to extend it, after Moscow had in previously repeatedly threatened to stop him.

Zelensky, who on Monday visited the strategic southern city of Kherson from which Russian forces withdrew, regarded this result as “the beginning of the end of the war”.

Interestingly, the two-day summit is held this time as the military operation launched by Russia on Ukrainian territory on February 24 is about to enter its ninth month, and this dossier dominates the atmosphere of that summit, the final declaration of which it risks unanimously condemning the “Russian war”.

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