Zelinsky: We stand our ground in Solidar and the Russians suffer heavy losses

The Russian military operation continues in Ukraine, in one moment in which the name of the city “Solitar” has become more frequent in recent times, especially as it oscillates between Russian attempts to control it and the Ukrainian desire to hang on and preserve it.

In light of the lack of clarity of information on the situation in Solidar, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that Ukrainian forces are still maintaining their positions in thearea of Solidar and that the Russian army suffered heavy losses.

The city shook, but did not fall

Zelensky’s words came after Deputy Defense Minister Hana Malyar confirmed that the army is fighting for Solidar, but the situation is grim in light of fiercer battles with Russian forces.

As for Moscow, it seemed delighted with the results achieved in eastern Ukraine, where Russia’s defense ministry said its offensive in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region was continuing successfully without declaring control of the city.

Starting point for Bakhmut

And in in the event of its fall, Solidar will become Moscow’s starting point for the attack on the city of Bakhmut, which has eluded Moscow for months. Russian forces, together with the Wagner group, will be able to target Bakhmut from the northeastern side of the city, which will allow them to put more pressure on the city.

Moscow hopes to control supply lines into eastern Ukraine, which will facilitate its mission to control the entire eastern Donbass region.

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