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Zidane coach of the French national team after the World Cup!

In a moment in which the French team is preparing to defend the title won in Russia four years ago, in France There is expectation for Didier Deschamps’ successor at the helm of the French team after the World Cup in Qatar, regardless of the result achieved by coach Deschamps, who spent 10 years with his country, crowned in it in the 2018 World Cup, and has reached the final of Euro 2016, where many observers believe that Zinedine Zidane will be the expected successor, starting next January, according to a preliminary agreement between him and the president of the Federation, Noel Le Graet, who pushes Algerian Franco to refuse all offers received since his departure. About Real in June 2021, after winning the Champions League three times in a row, the European Super Cup twice, the World Cup for club twice, in addition to the two Spanish Super Cup titles, the culmination that qualified him to be one of the greatest candidates to succeed Deschamps. Old and recent press reports are back in these days to confirm that Zizou will be the coach of the roosters after the World Cup in Qatar, especially after rejecting all offers received since his departure from Real Madrid, in how much his name was associated with Al-Biyasji, Al-Yuvi and other times with Man United, the teams he was offered to supervise him, and refused it each time, hoping to satisfy his desire to supervise the French national team and to satisfy the desire of many national doubles of Moroccans, Arabs and Africans who have made the glories of French football with his club and teams as players, and were looking forward to appointing the first team manager from their circles which constitutes a major turning point in “racist” mentality and practices against the other color and the other race, which was and still is an important part of the composition of the rich, diverse and multicultural French society and customs. Zidane has never hidden his desire and hope to head up the French national team, and last June he told the sports newspaper L’Equipe, in occasion of his 50th birthday, that one day he would take the position of rooster coach, and that this had been firmly established in his mind for a while, and he was just waiting for the opportunity, so he turned down all offers, which made the media French certain that the man agreed with the president of the French Federation, and there was nothing left but to officially announce the news after the World Cup. Of non-French origins, Zidane can face them, and they can offer everything they have with a coach who has suffered in career like them until he integrates and realizes his hopes and ambitions in a society that is not easy to adapt to. The appointment of Zidane has become a fait accompli and a fait accompli and will not surprise the French fans, despite the objection of some coaches and professionals of the mediaeven if they have not made it public, and the objection of some far-right politicians for via of its Algerian origins, which Zidane cherishes every time, as Benzema cares and has caused. He has problems that have led to his exclusion from the French national team for years, the same considerations that could create problems for Zidane, requiring him to get good results as soon as possible to silence the voices that reject the principle despite their certainty of being up to the challenge, as he raised him when he was a player, then coach of Real and raised his reputation, which he managed to preserve despite all the tremors he suffered, especially when the referee sent him off in the 2006 World Cup final against Italy after attacking defender Materazzi. Zidane will have to face bigger challenges, beyond the technical aspect, because he is of Algerian origin, forgivable and should not be repeated. Algerian journalist


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