"Zoo" Calculates the trajectory and direction of Ukrainian missiles and missiles

The Russian Defense Ministry has revealed the secret of accurate firing of Russian artillery and missiles using electronic warfare. Among them is the Zoo reconnaissance and fire control system.

This “zoo” is intended for reconnaissance of enemy firing points, including the location of launchers of missiles, guns, mortars, launchers of tactical missiles and air defense systems, as well as calculating the trajectories of enemy missiles and missiles, adjusting friendly fire means, tracking air space and march monitoring.

Ammunition flying in the air is detected by a radar that calculates their trajectories and determines their starting point and area of ​​impact, which makes it possible not only to detect enemy firing positions, but also to correct the actions of their own artillery.

This means that the radar picks up ammunition flying in the air, analyzes its speed and trajectory, and gives the coordinates of the gun that launches it.

The principle of operation of the “Zoo” is that it captures ammunition in flight and tracks them for several seconds, after which it gives out the coordinates of the cannon to its fire weapons. Everything takes 30 seconds.

This requires highly qualified employees of the system, especially in the field of mathematics and computer simulation.

It is worth noting that the enemy does not sit idly by and is always trying to determine the location of the “zoo”, so the members of his crew must quickly move to the reserve location each time after the calculation. The mobility of the system is achieved due to its speed of 60 km/h, and the process of deploying the system in a new location takes only 5 minutes.

Source: Russian newspaper