6 Essential Gadgets to Improve Fleet Efficiency

Do you ever ask yourself, how did a certain thing come to you? For example, the laptop or phone or whatever screen you are reading from, where did it come from? How did the screen get here and how was it made? It is all about processes that you do not see that look like magic. Just like all the people that you know, you only know what you see. It is very important to think about the things going on in the background.

It is about small things that make this world go around. In order to make your fleet that does the magic people do not see, you should work on these small things. The best way to do so is to do your research and find the right solutions for your fleet. By investing your time now, you will save your time for later with the benefit of extra money. Here are 6 essential gadgets that represent these solutions for extra fleet efficiency.

6 Essential Gadgets to Improve Fleet Efficiency

  1. GPS camera

    Dash cameras have always been popular as a way to track what happened on a trip. Accidents always happen and according to hdfleet.com, these accidents can cost an average of around $140,000. With a GPS camera, you have the evidence to show that it was not your driver’s fault that the accident happened. This footage is always useful in courts when it comes to mitigating damages for you and the suffering of your crew. When there are no accidents, your GPS camera lets you track idle timing.

  2. Schedule app

    When it comes to running a fleet, following a schedule is always most important. Maintenance schedules are definitely the most important. This is why having an app to remind you and your crew about any event is always useful. We do not need to constantly keep things in our heads to remember something. With these apps, we can use that additional space to think about something else. Besides that, you can minimize the chances of something going off schedule.

  3. Inventory tracker

    Your fleet is there to deliver and pick up precious goods. Again, there is no need to keep things in your head or on paper, there are apps for this. An inventory tracker is very important if you want to keep track of your goodies. These apps are always made to be intuitive so your crew can pick them up easily. There is nothing worse when wrong inventory management compromises a client.

  4. Data analysis software

    Running statistics and data analysis will help you improve your fleet. By doing so, you can calculate which routes are most optional and where your money is going. If you just keep doing the same old thing, your fleet could start decaying. You need to analyze your past steps in order to make new steps for the future. Not only your future but the future of your employees who are on the front lines of the fleet.

  5. Automation apps

    There are always some forms that must be filled with any delivery. In order to stop wasting time on menial jobs, you should find the right automation apps. There are many businesses out there that offer software that does menial jobs.

    This way, you and your fleet will no longer need to worry about correct form filling or other boring paperwork. You can always check to see if the software is filling everything properly, which it does. You will no longer lose time on this or even worse lose time and even money on mistakes from forms.

  6. Talk to your employees about gadgets

    The best gadgets are the ones that are customized for your fleet. In order to get the best gadget for your fleet, you need to talk to them. You should conduct a survey to find out what their needs are. You need to know what they are missing and what solutions they want. By doing so, you will also show that you care about your fleet. They will see this as a very good thing coming from you and you must follow up with the plan to make them happy.

Essential Gadgets to Improve Fleet Efficiency
Your fleet is not just the vehicles that do these awesome deliveries. It is about the people that drive these vehicles in order to move your goodies around. A fleet is truly efficient only when its crew is settled and happy. You can make your crew happy, you have the means to do so.

With these 6 gadgets, you can truly make this experience a better one worthy of your precious crew. It is very important that they have everything they need to do their job, especially a tough one like this job. It is no wonder that people want more truck drivers yet there are so few of them.

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