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Black Panther has just calculated the actual price for its worst decision


Being a leader is never easy, but in some ways, it’s more complicated than ever, T’Challa. Among the greatest government revivals in Wakanda’s history, the Black Panther was expelled from all her other responsibilities when one revealed her darkest secrets. Now, T’Challa does not have much time to travel the world and find his secret agents at home before someone else searches for them. And now she’s finally learning how much it costs to ask her family to give up the life she’s known for so long.

In recent days, T’Challa’s world has been haunted by the revelation that an unknown force has discovered the Wakanda sleep agents, which it has launched across the globe in anticipation of the worst-case scenario. These agents swore their lives in Wakanda so enthusiastically that they were willing to give up their lives at home to become newcomers to their respective destinations. Of course, the threat from the mysterious assassins who have begun to hunt them down is too much to ignore and take the former sleepers of T’Challa and Omolola to almost every corner of the planet to bring these agents home. As you just discovered on the pages of Black Panther # 2 with VC’s John Ridley, Juan Cabal, Federico Blee, and Joe Sabino, it’s no easy task to ask these people to give up on their lives again.

Each visiting agent, T’Challa and Omolola, have very different reactions to the news, both vulgarity and pure ecstasy. Still, they learn what to ask their comrades about in a quiet Washington suburb. Wakandan. Another sleep agent, Kimura, has no reputation for telling her king precisely what she thinks of her question, pointing out that the choices she made in the United States are not easy for her. He is earnest about whether his new life is permanent or not, and Kimura is not willing to give it up, even by order of the Black Panther. Her husband and son are not only the fruit of her mission, but they are the ones who love the person she is dedicated to, perhaps more than ever in Wakanda. Kimura is not near alone in this situation. Each sleep agent has found their place in the world, and T’Challa has to deal with it individually.

Although he may have plans to gain a foothold in various countries in the event of an attack on his nation, T’Challa only brought his agents to their new home and wounded him in many ways. Not only have these agents been targeted, but their connection to T’Challa has been discovered, so it’s only a case of time before she stands at a crossroads. Worse is that he may not trust the people he is trying to save, especially after showing how little he cared about his actual situation. I hope he realizes how deep his actions were before stepping into an even deeper hole than he already has. Otherwise, no one may help him when it is most needed.


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