Excuse me, Muhammad.. A Syrian child has been stuck in the dirt for 45 hours, sipping water from a hoof!

While there is little hope of finding more survivors among the thousands trapped under the rubble of the devastating earthquake that hit southern Turkey and northwestern Syria, rescuers are still emerging alive from the rubble.

On Tuesday evening, Istanbul Municipality rescue teams found a Syrian refugee boy named Muhammad Ahmed under the rubble of a completely collapsed building in the southern Turkish town of Hatay.

The little boy seemed exhausted after 45 hours in the dark, buried in the earth, but he didn’t give up.

In a video documenting the rescue, the boy appeared to sip water from a bottle cap before being pulled from beneath the wreck.

Well done Mohamed

While the mayor of Istanbul Akram Imamoglu shared the video about socialcommenting: “Well done, Muhammad. Antakya.”

Interestingly, the earthquake that struck Turkey at dawn on Monday (February 6) with a magnitude of 7.8, was followed hours later by another earthquake of almost the same strength, which destroyed thousands of buildings, including hospitals, schools and housing developments, and tens of thousands of injured.

Leaving countless people homeless either in Turkey than in northern Syria. Yesterday the death toll rose to 8,000.

However, rescuers are still working and racing against the clock, in the harsh winter conditions, to pull survivors from under the rubble of collapsed buildings.

While the World Health Organization predicted that the number of victims would rise to 8 times.

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