GoodNotes 6: AI Handwriting Recognition, Digital Stationery Marketplace, and Educational Module – The Note-Taking App’s Biggest Update in 4 Years

GoodNotes 6 Release: AI Handwriting Recognition, Digital Stationery Marketplace, and More

GoodNotes is releasing a new version with features like AI-powered handwriting recognition, a marketplace for digital stationery, and an educational module for maths in the popular note-taking app’s biggest push in four years to win and retain customers.

Enhanced Handwriting Recognition and Support for Apple Pencil

The latest version of GoodNotes, GoodNotes 6, is designed to enhance support for Apple Pencil. Building upon the nifty handwriting recognition feature in GoodNotes 5, the new version also introduces support for spellcheck. This means that if users make a mistake while writing, the app can suggest a correction and even rewrite the word in their own handwriting. The app-maker has worked closely with Apple to leverage the neural engine available in devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac, to further enhance handwriting recognition. Currently, the handwriting spellcheck feature supports English, Spanish, German, and Dutch.

Experimental Word Autocomplete and Gesture-Based Actions

In addition to handwriting recognition, GoodNotes 6 introduces experimental word autocomplete for handwriting in English. After users write a minimum of three characters, the app will suggest potential word completions. In the future, GoodNotes aims to offer full word prediction. The latest version also brings gesture-based actions such as “scribble to erase” and “circle to Lasso.” GoodNotes 6 also unveils a new library view, allowing users to customize folders, introduces dynamic notebook templates, and improves audio recording support.

Subscription Model and AI-Driven Writing Features

While GoodNotes is available for free, users can only access three notebooks and a limited set of features. To gain full access, users can opt for an annual subscription at $9.99 or make a one-time payment of $29.99. Chan, the app’s founder, emphasizes that GoodNotes is improving its typing experience across all platforms. The app also introduces AI-driven writing features, enabling users to extend or condense text, modify its tone, or paraphrase content. The AI model used by GoodNotes is safe for all ages, making it suitable for students.

Diversifying Revenue Streams with Digital Stationery Marketplace

GoodNotes is expanding its revenue streams by launching a marketplace for digital stationery. Users can now access stickers, subject-specific revision notes, planners, and various paper and card templates. While some items will be available for free to subscribers, others will be offered as in-app purchases. GoodNotes has collaborated with several creators to curate an inaugural collection of digital stationery, with plans to invite more creators in the future. GoodNotes is exploring various fee structures for creators but does not intend to adopt an App Store-like commission system for in-app transactions.

Education Modules and Future Plans

GoodNotes is also targeting the educational sector by introducing modules tailored for students. These modules include SAT Math practice courses and English and Chinese courses specifically designed for The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE). The app has developed an AI-driven math assistant that can recognize handwritten math equations and guide students through challenges without directly revealing the answers. Other players in the education market, such as Khan Academy and Byju’s, have also been experimenting with AI models to assist students. GoodNotes aims to refine its educational features and may consider developing features to cater to enterprise customers with document management needs, potentially putting it in competition with businesses like Notion.

A Growing User Base and Future Platform Expansion

GoodNotes, which raised $6 million in seed funding in 2020, currently has more than 21 million monthly active users. While the app has been popular on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS platforms, the company is now considering versions for Android and Windows. The goal is to provide a seamless experience across multiple platforms.

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