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Israel: The intelligence chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards is under our surveillance


The Iranian threat to Israeli citizens in Turkey remains a cause for concern for security officials in Tel Aviv, who have come to the limit of the person entrusted with the task of launching these reprisals.

Yesterday the Israeli security authorities revealed information received by the Tel Aviv intelligence services, according to which the Iranian official in charge of carrying out the operations, on the territory of Turkey and elsewhere, is Hussein Taeb, head of the Revolutionary Guards intelligence service and that he is under control.

Security authorities said in declarations to media Israelis that “Taeb has recently come under severe criticism and allegations of negligence due to the large number of murders (of Iranian officials). For him, the matter has become a matter of personal revenge.”

A story of abuse and intimidation

As the reports stated, “Taeb is known for a long history of abuse and intimidation and is considered a cruel and lethal leader. Israeli intelligence is following him well. He has decided to announce his position on him as a kind of warning. and threatens, and perhaps announcing the intention to liquidate him “, as reported by the newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat.

This happens in one moment in to which the Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, stressed the day before yesterday that “Israel is ready to respond with massive attacks to any harm to its citizens, wherever they are”.

For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett reiterated the request of his citizens to avoid traveling in Turkey and said: “These days we are seeing Iranian attempts to target Israelis in various locations outside the country. The security services are working to thwart transport attempts to complete these terrorist operations before they are carried out. “

New rules of engagement

He added: “We will continue to target terrorist senders … as the new rule we follow is that the sending party pays the price.”

About 2,000 Israelis are still there in Turkey today, in drop from 5,000 at the beginning of the week, before the discovery of those cells.

Interestingly, these developments came after Iran had repeatedly warned in recent days that it would inevitably respond to “Israeli assassinations on Iranian soil” recently, especially after the killing of Revolutionary Guards Colonel Hassan Sayyad Khudaei , with gunshots near his home in east Tehran on 22 May.

Noting that the Israeli authorities, as usual, have neither confirmed nor denied responsibility for the murder of Khadaei or other guards who fell in recent days in strange and suspicious ways, with an approach they have always adopted for many years.

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